The Desperation Diet

The last several months, I’ve gotten increasingly tired and achy and frustrated.  In addition to my normal joint pain (courtesy of rheumatoid arthritis), I have in-between pain–I swear my bones hurt and my muscles feel watery and bruised to the touch.  I sometimes nap for four hours and still don’t feel rested.  I’m simply existing through my days, rather than actually living them.  It all just pisses me off.

Since I clearly can’t go on like this in perpetuity, I’m gonna try to try something different.  This Thursday, we pick up our first CSA share.  We’ll get a box of farm-fresh veggies and eggs each week and I’ll get to figure out how to cook things that I’ve never tried before and force my family to eat them regardless of the results!  Being the mom has it’s perks, you know.

So this is my “desperation diet,” and my pledge to anyone who cares to read about it:  Beginning this Thursday, I’m going to start chronicling my foray into seasonal eating with a daily blog.  I’ll include recipes.  I’ll even try to remember to take pictures.  I’ll also keep a pain journal, so we can all see whether free-range eggs and asparagus can replace hydrocodone, NSAIDs, and/or whisky in my typical pain-managment regimen.  Don’t worry, I’m kidding about that last part–nothing can replace whisky! 😉