Meet the “Trashy” Me

A while ago, I started a blog titled “Another Mind’s Treasure,” where I intended (and still do…eventually) to post my own and others’ bits of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, musings, etc.  My friend Amanda and I hatched a fantasy plan to start our own indie publishing biz someday and the blog was intended to be our toe in the water.  We’re both hammering away on separate works of fiction and wanted a place to release little bits of it out into the universe and see how it fared.  Of course when it comes to blogging and publishing online, neither of us knows what we’re doing, we’re both horrific procrastinators, and she, at least, has a real, full-time, grown-up job.  All this translates to the fact that Another Mind’s Treasure is still languishing with only one sad little introductory post on its menu.  I’ll set about correcting that soon…ish.  Procrastinator, remember?

When I set up AMT, however, I had the foresight to also register the blog title “One Mind’s Trash,” which brings us here.  “Treasure” will be the inclusive, more lofty, and more literary side of the coin (assuming I ever get the damned thing off the ground), while “Trash” will be the receptacle for my own personal observations, rants, and contemplative ramblings.  Given how my brain works–my thoughts all intersect and slosh together like a plate of extra saucy spaghetti–I suspect the twain shall often meet.  So if you’re here and you like spaghetti, look up Another Mind’s Treasure (link’s on the sidebar) and tell me what you think…once I actually manage to post something there beyond the introduction, at least.


3 responses to “Meet the “Trashy” Me

  1. blogging is like working out–when you do it regularly, it is easy and you actually look forward to it. when you fall out of the routine, it feels impossible to start again. when you get in the rhythm of commenting on the world, everything is a blog post waiting to happen. it’s also kind of like preaching–much easier when you are the every week preacher than to pull out a random or special occasion sermon once every 3-6 months.
    i love that you can use “twain” in a sentence and not sound like an ass. not many people can pull that off. .

    • Hopefully I’ll be slightly more successful at blogging than working out! It took a lot of audiobooks featuring Jamie Fraser (and the occasional Lisbeth Salander) to make the latter bearable. I can’t write with someone else’s words in my ears, though, so I might need to find a wordless equivalent.

      Oh, and the jury might still be out on whether or not I sound like an ass. 😉

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